1.Comprehensive Functionality:

Measure, record and possibly controlling consumption (electricity, gas and water), temperature and air quality values.

2. RS485 Modbus Standard:

The web server has a Modbus connection which all I / O to be linked. All of our I / O modules operate autonomously and can also be used in other Modbus systems. Modbus can be extended wirelessly with the RF gateway (LoRa modulation) for hard-to-reach meters.

3. Powerful Data Logger:

64 measuring devices are every minute 7 variables with 32 bit accuracy is read and the data stored for three years locally.


4. High speed Graphs:

The recorded data is used both to generate the graphs in the web browser and for exporting via FTP (CSV format) to external applications.


5. Simplicity Trump

The system is based web server; no software needed so all configuration and visualization of consumption is done through the web browser on your tablet or PC.

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