MEMo: Modular Energy Monitor for buildings

The MEMo web server is an advanced data logger for measuring and controlling total and sub-consumption in a home or building.

A 2-Wire MEMo system consists of a central MEMo datalogger web server that communicates wired (RS485 MODbus) and / or wireless (LORA and FSK 868MHz) with, among others, Modbus energy meters.
Up to 64 energy meters (depending on the number of channels per meter) can be connected to one MEMO. Every 60 seconds counter readings and measured values ​​are read out and stored in raw format for up to 3 years.

MEMo is connected to the local network via its LAN port and can be used to map all the consumption and energy costs of the building.

The read-in counter readings can also be used for settlement of mutual energy costs.

In addition, MEMo can be set up to periodically upload meter readings (FTP client) to a remote server in order to centrally manage several buildings and compare them to mutual energy performances.


The system below consists of a MEMo server, a number of wired Modbus energy meters, an RF gateway for linking gas and gas meters, a connection to the digital meter and a few energy plugs for reading household appliances …

User interface

From the web browser on every tablet or PC, you can surf to the website in the MEMo module to configure the system, visualize the energy consumption and costs, and switch consumers on or off. Consumption charts can be set with a resolution of 1 minute to 1 day, energy costs are calculated on the basis of adjustable energy unit prices.

Functionalities and characteristics

Internal Web server shows per energy channel:

  • Real-time consumption, day consumption, annual consumption
  • 24 Hr graph: consumption and measured values, with 60 seconds resolution up to 12 days in time
  • 31 day chart: consumption and energy costs, with 1 day resolution up to 3 years in time

FTP client: CSV files with adjustable interval periodically loaded to a remote server

Http instruction set: the internal “raw” database is easily accessible for external applications

5 Users simultaneously, each with their own login and password

Time synchronization with external NTP server

Adjustable energy prices

Auto Backup on internal 4GB SD card

SUB totals: calculation of meter readings, consumptions and costs for a set period, with built-in filter and export to Excel, JSON, CSV, PDF, print

Email notification: adjustable consumption / daily consumption / temperature limits

Calculation EPC (energy efficiency of the building)  on the basis of measured consumption

Top 10 of the most expensive users

Calculation overview all consumers

Firmware update via FTP

Built-in visual logic user interface offer almost unlimited possibilities: (starting from MEMo2)

  • monitoring the correct operation of meters and the connected consumers
  • smart switching of consumers based on measured values, consumption, time …
  • make calculated graphs
  • controlling budget meters
  • ….

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