1. Installation:

We have a house equipped with a number of two-wire modules and you can follow the link below to tet the installation for  yourself. In the installation following modules are provided:

  • 1x Web server
  • Via Master gateway:
    • 5x energy plugs
    • 1x NTC sensor on the gateway in combination with temperature sensor on a RF battery module BC.002
  • Wireless via Slave gateway:
    • 1x Energy Counter
      • 4 CT plugged on to 4 Mono-fase electric circuits
      • 1 pulse input for a water meter Elster (Mode “counter”)
      • 1 pulse input to a coil with pulse output: heating resistor (Mode “Timer”)
      • 1 pulse output at a voltage coil with pulse output: Heating oil burner (Mode “Timer”)
      • 1x 3-phase Modbus energy meter
    • 7x 1-phase Modbus energy meter
    • 1x Modbus thermostat

2. start DEMO:

Open Google Chrome and browse to this  IP address:

You get to the login page, so enter login and password:

  • LOGIN:  demo2WIRE_EN
  • PASWOORD: 1234

3. Visualisation:

And we have kept consumers in this order and divided them into five groups:

  • EC.441: 7 inputs to the module EC.441
  • P1 PORT: simulated values of a French smart meter
  • TOTAL: 3-phase energy meter Modbus
  • EMM Modules: 6x single-phase energy meters

When you click one of the menus, it will fold open, displaying all the associated loads.

  • DAY Chart: to unfold the intraday chart, click a consumer (eg KRING1.)
  • MONTH Chart: Click once on the same consumer to see a monthly graph
  • REAL-TIME consumption: Click once on the same consumer to fold again close the graph.

4: Configuration

Test alsothe configuration button. NOTE: You are logged in as the DEMO user, you can not change yourself

  • SETTINGS: general settings
  • Modules: add modules and users on the system
  • CHANNELS: customize the channel order, menus, …

Press 2-WIRE EXIT to exit this menu.


5. Overview

Test also the “OVERVIEW” button to get an idea of the energy costs and the Energy value of this newly renovated house.
The measured energy value prooves that the renovation has been quite successful in this case.[/one_fifth]



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