Data storage:

Every minute the Webserver reads measurement data and consumption data from all linked RS485 modules. The collected data is then stored on the 8GB SD card in the web server. Per webserver up to 64 channels can be logged and these 2 types of data are saved:

  • Real-time measurements: electrical energy U, I, P, Pr, PF; actual water and gas consumption, …
  • Meter-readings: Consumption of electrical energy kWh + kWh (production and consumption), water and gas consumption, …

The energy costs (hourly, daily, monthly) are stored in the flash memory and are only accessible through the web server. In order to keep the compact memory storage and the access times as short as possible, the data storage on SD occurs in 32 bit binary values.

FTP client:

Through the setup page, the web server can be set up as an FTP client, this means that the web server data logs are periodically charged to a remote server and on a specified directory. The data was converted into CSV format and can be read by the external application. The instructions for doing this is part of the manual “development package”.

The measured values (RT) can be charged:

  • either continuously at the set time interval of 5 ′, 10 ′, 15 ′, 20 ′, 30 ′, 60 ′
  • or once a day, on day + 1 at 01.00HR for example, with an adjustable resolution of 1 ′, 2 ′, 3 ′, 4 ′, 5 ′, 10 ′, 15 ′, 20 ′, 30 ′, 60 ′

The consumption counter readings (consumption) can also be charged:

  • either continuously at the set time interval of 5 ′, 10 ′, 15 ′, 20 ′, 30 ′, 60 ′
  • or once a day, on day + 1 at 01.00HR for example, with an adjustable resolution of 1 ′, 2 ′, 3 ′, 4 ′, 5 ′, 10 ′, 15 ′, 20 ′, 30 ′, 60 ′

For example, the setting in the web server looks like this:

With each module you can then check which of its measured values and counter readings should be processed in these csv files:

At this moment the MEMo web server can be linked via FTP client to:

  • EnergyID” cloud application
  •  “Elyse” cloud application from Eandis
  • Argus EnergyMonitor” cloud
  • Solar fox” cloud


Export DATA locally to Excel

In the MEMo2 webserver you can generate a local csv file via the page “SUBTOTALS” for a set start date by pressing the “GENERATE” button. The columns have a fix interval of 5 minutes, the rows are formed by the checked variables at “LOGTYPE” (see FTP client above). It is thus possible to go back in time to more than 2 years to request data locally with 5 ′ resolution from the MEMo2 web server.

Please note. Depending on the number of desired variables, the calculation of this CSV may require 1 to 2 minutes of calculation time from the web server.

RS485 interface

The 2-Wire modules with RS485 Modbus connection work autonomously, the Modbus connection is only required if you want to log data via a central data logger such as the 2-Wire MEMo web server.
If you use your own datalogger, you can use the development kit to request the list of Modbus registers and you can implement 2-Wire kWh meters, calorimeters, RF gateway modules in your system, with two RF gateways this can even be done wirelessly:


Wireless Modbus bridge

The RF gateway module RG.016 can be set via a Modbus instruction to work as a Modbus slave in standalone mode.

NON-2-WIRE systems with RS485 Modbus RTU (9600-8N1) connection can connect to the RF gateway and read the digital meter and the pulse inputs. And with 2 or more gateways in one installation, even wireless LoRa-modbus bridges can be set up so that scattered Modbus meters can still be read centrally, the RF range via LoRa is soon a few hundred meters


Http request:

With the HTTP request instruction( ONLY for MEMo1)  set all data logs and configuration files can be retrieved from the web server. Also switching on/off consumers or configuring the system could happen in this way. The instructions for doing this is part of the manual “development package”.

With this instruction you ask for example the meter readings (import + export) of our DEMO in year 2017, day 180, period 30 days, interval 10 minutes in JSON format: (Click on the link below or copy and paste in your web browser)

Cloud application: request meter readings or measured values in Excel

(This cloud application is based on http requests)

From each MEMo web server( ONLY for MEMo1) that can be accessed remotely, you can request either measured values or counter readings with a minimum resolution of 1 minute for one specific log channel, up to 3 years ago and for a set period of up to 31 days. These measurements are automatically put in an Excel file and provided with the necessary time stamps.

Try yourself with this demo web server which is accessible with PASS 1234.
Log channel 8 is a 3-phase meter, with consumption data import and export counter positions are requested, with Logdata the values (voltage, current, power, power factor, reactive power) are meant.





A short intro on YouTube:

Free development package on request

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