MiLo Home Energy Monitor

MiLo is a wireless energy monitor for measuring and controlling all total consumptions and a number of partial consumptions in every home.
A Milo system consists of a central Milo datalogger web server that is connected to your home network via WiFiand whichwirelessly communicates via RF868MHz with, among other things, energy plugs.

From the web browser on every smartphone, tablet or PC, you can browse to the website in the MiLo module to configure the system, visualize the energy consumption and costs and switch consumers on or off.

In addition to energy plugs Milo can also be linked to thermostat plugs, to energy meters with pulse output (water, gas, electricity, …), via P1 port to the “smart” meter of the grid manager, via the RF gateway to Modbus energy meters in the switch box, to wireless pulse counters on batteries, …

User interface

From every smartphone or tablet, MiLo gives insight into the energy costs of all connected consumers: yesterday, last month …

Household appliances connected to an energy plug or thermostat plug can also be remotely controlled or automatically switched in a weekly program on time and / or temperature.

The advantage to a local web server is that no software or apps and no additional subscription costs for Cloud or external data storage are required, everything runs locally on your own MiLo web server. The Milo web pages are also “responsive“, the screen layout automatically adapts to your mobile device.

In the MiLo configuration webpage, among other things, the signal reception strength of each plug is shown “live” while the transmit power can be adjusted manually, in this way all conditions can be optimally set for a perfectly functioning RF system in every home.

System overvieuw




Depending on whether or not the direct pulse inputs and the P1 port on the MiLo module itself are used, Milo is set up either centrally or in the vicinity of the counters (electricity, water, gas). The module receives power via the USB connection.

A total of up to 16 energy channels can be registered: The inputs on the MiLo module ML.016 (pulse inputs and P1 port), a number of energy plugs EP.10A and / or thermostat plugs TP.10A, Modbus energy meters via the RF gateway module RG.016 ( max 9 Modbus addresses), …


Functionalities and characteristics:

consumption and energy costs:

Milo shows current consumption, consumption graphs and energy costs of all connected meters:

  • Daily graphs with a resolution of 1 hour (up to 7 days back)
  • Monthly charts with a resolution of 1 day with consumption and costs (up to 12 months back)

Controlling consumers online:

Energy plugs can be switched on / off remotely or via week clocks, while with thermostat plugs the set temperature can be set manually or via week clock.

Link to different meters

The “smart” energy meter of the grid operator (the Netherlands, Flanders) can be read out via the P1 port on the Milo module or the P1 port on the RG gateway module. Total electrical consumption, injection into the grid and gas consumption are thus visible in MiLo graphs.
Electrical consumption can be measured with 2-Wire Modbus energy meters and via the RF gateway the total electrical consumption, the injection into the grid and also large partial consumers (heat pump, solar panels, lighting, …) can be passed on to the MiLo module.
Energy meters with pulse output can then be registered via: the pulse inputs on the Milo module, the RF gateway module or RF pulse counter module on batteries.
Individual household appliances are measured and switched via energy plugs.
Electric heaters are switched on time and temperature and measured via the thermostat plugs.

FTP client server

Every day measured consumption with a resolution of 5 ‘can be uploaded to a remote FTP server. This functionality can be useful to keep a backup of your data online over several years or to compare your property with that of others on open platforms such as that of EnergieID for example.


The MiLo configuration is limited to entering the serial numbers used with the corresponding name of the connected consumer, afterwards everything is automatic.


Installation and cabling is limited to linking the pulse inputs and connecting a few energy meters to the wireless gateway. This happens in or next to the fuse box, no hood or grinding work and therefore easily applicable in every home, new or existing!

Wireless range

With the wireless RF868MHz communication technology beautiful distances are bridged. The range depends of course on the number of walls, distance and building materials and physics, but because we show the reception strength of each module “live” and because we have made the transmission power adjustable (within the legal norms), we can state that practically every plug in the home is accessible.

Why MiLo

Easy to install, autoconfiguration with serial numbers, platform independent and without software or cloud, Milo maps all energy costs and thus shows the shortest route to a more energy-efficient home.

In the YouTube below you get a short overview:



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