With the LoWi, MiLo and the MEMo datalogger web servers, 2-Wire has three possible solutions for mapping energy consumption in homes and buildings in a simple and independent manner.

LoWi, wifi display of the digital meter

The LoWi dongle registers all digital meter readings (import, export, gas, rate) via the P1 port.
Just connect to the WiFi home network and from then on the pre-configured LoWi shows current consumption, consumption graphs and energy costs via web browser on every smartphone, tablet or PC.

The optional LeON USB stick enters the living space and shows the right time to switch on the dishwasher or dryer via its RGB LED (RED = daily rate; BLUE = night rate, GREEN = SOLAR).

Application: LoWi works on WiFi and shows all total consumption from the digital meter and a few manually entered meters.


Wireless with MiLo:

MiLo works wirelessly on WiFi, and on RF868MHz with range over the entire house. MiLo registers total consumption (import, export, gas) via the digital meter port or via an extra energy meter, household appliances are measured via wireless smart plugs, and large consumers in the fuse box with mobile current clamps of the wireless energy counter (ECF.08), or in 3-phase installations with single-phase or 3-phase energy meters.

There is also NO installation of any software, app or cloud subscription required, from any smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC in your network you simply surf to the website in the MiLo server for current and historical energy consumption and calculated energy costs (day, month, years).

Here too LeON shows the right time to switch on the dishwasher or dryer.

Application: MiLo shows all total consumption and wirelessly measured partial consumption, ideal for use in an existing home or apartment, with or without a digital meter.

High resolution with  MEMo

MEMo is the big brother of MiLo. MEMo is used in homes where one wants to measure a larger number of partial consumptions in higher resolution, over a longer period of time or over larger distances (possibly in combination with a MiLo server). But MEMo is primarily intended for public buildings, commercial buildings, offices, residential care centers, … industry, in fact everywhere where energy consumption is a not insignificant cost factor, MEMo quickly leads to a better understanding of energy flows and thus to the right investments and usually with huge savings as a result.
MEMo is a combination of wired and wireless meters (LoRa) to reach every large-scale consumer in a building without too far-reaching cabling work. Important too, a MEMo monitor installation is completely separate from, and in parallel or addition to, the existing techniques. This gives you neutral values and does not require to modify the existing systems, but this system is now being monitored.
You can create your own “smart grid” from the MEMo2 server. With the visual logic tool you set the rules for controlling the large consumers.

Exact with advanced Modbus meters

In the 2-Wire catalog you will find a whole range of advanced energy meters almost all with Modbus connection and also temperature sensors, voltage sensors, air quality meters, pulse generators for existing gas and water meters, …
These meters can all be linked to the MEMo or MiLo server with a minimum of settings and both loggers ensure that the measured values and the calculated costs can be viewed over time via live updated graphs and histories.


The connection of energy meters with MiLo and MEMo is done via the Modbus protocol, a unique Modbus address is entered in the meter and in the web server and thus both are connected to each other, the rest: meter readout, logging, visualization just happens automatically.

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