Inspection and/or upgrade of one 2-Wire module by Qonnex technician

42,35 (Incl BTW)

Each 2-Wire module is individually tested for proper functioning before delivery. If you think there is something wrong with a certain 2-Wire module, you can already order a 'check module' here. You will receive the return address details by email after receipt of your order. Once the module is with us, it is checked by a technician. In the event of additional costs for working hours or materials outside the warranty, permission will first be requested whether these may be performed, in the event of warranty there are no further additional costs and the cost for the inspection will be refunded. We do not guarantee the retention of the internal data, if the data is important you must ensure the link with a cloud application yourself. You can read our warranty conditions with each technical data sheet or in our sales conditions. Our warranty only covers the replacement or repair of defective parts.    
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