THEo: connects via WiFi (http + MQTT) with LoWi, MiLo, ReMI, MEMo3 and shows Air temperature, humidity and energy rate

108,90 (Incl BTW)

THEo is a USB stick that measures the local room temperature and humidity and which also shows the current energy rate from the digital meter with its RGB LED. THEO is connected to a linked web server via WiFi. This link can be done via http (LoWi, MiLo) or via MQTT (LoWi3, ReMI, MEMo3). Air temperature, humidity, quality and air pressure are logged by the linked web server and displayed together with other energy values ​​via a web browser on a tablet or PC.
  • RED: daily rate and flashing at peak consumption with adjustable threshold power
  • BLUE: nightly rate and flashing at peak consumption with adjustable power threshold
  • GREEN: injection and flashing at peak production with adjustable threshold power
Up to 4 THEos can be linked via http * on one LoWi or MiLo. There are no limits via MQTT, but an MQTT subscription is required.
  • Some WiFi routers block local http communication (white Telenet modem) between LoWi and THEo, the solution own WiFi modem or link via MQTT
This product includes:
  • 1x THEo WiFi stick with USB connection *
  • USB power supply is NOT included
Instruction manual:
Video energy status:
same as on LeON
  • Packing: blister 21cmx12cmx3cm
  • EAN 5430000860581
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