ETW20-puls: Watermeter hot with 10L pulseoutput, MID

151,25 (Incl BTW)

These water meters are mechanical, single-jet turbine meters intended for measuring water consumption in residential environments. The meter is equipped with a pulse generator with 10L pulse which can be connected to each of the 8 inputs on the PC.080 module (set MODE counter) or on one of the 4 last inputs on the EC.441 module or on the RG. 016 gateway module, without taking into account polarity. The aim is to use the visualization and logging of water consumption. The sensor has a wire end of about 50 cm which may be extended a few meters with at least the same wire section.
  • Available in size: G1 "(DN20)
  • mechanical, single-jet turbine
  • Water temperature: + 4 ° C ... + 90 ° C
  • Nominal flow rate: 2.5m³ / Hr (MID) but usable up to 4m³ / Hr
  • High accuracy ± 2% and high reliability.
  • MID certified meter
  • Suitable for measuring water consumption in residential applications
This product includes:
  • 1x ETW20 pulse G1 "(DN20) brass water meter with 10L pulse output
  • Fittings to tube diameter R3/4 "are included
  • NOT included: Raccord union G1 "to R1"
  • Packaging: 10cm x 20cm x 10cm, 800gr
  • Connection: meter G1 "+ fitting to tube R3 / 4"
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