Who are we?

Qonnex bvba is a Belgian company specialized in the development (in collaboration with VRM bvba) and production of appliances which measure, register and visualise energy consumptions ¬†(water, electricity, gas, oil, hydro energy …) in a building. All our ‘energy’ devices are distributed under the brand 2-Wire.

A 2-Wire solution is modular and the different I / O modules communicate with each other via the Modbus RS485 standard. Modular means that a 2-wire installation, is always adaptable and extendable via the bus and therefore suitable for both houses and buildings with multiple and decentralized meters. The modules are compact so that these fit into existing meter cabinets.

The 2-wire modules are installed by the authorized electrican in the electrical distribution panel and afterwards the system is configured via tablet or PC.

Each resident has to login via the web browser on his tablet or PC to access to all consumption, histories and energy costs.

The 2-Wire products are available through local 2-Wire distributors or via the web shop on this site.
Orders via the webshop, we try where possible to deal through a local distributor or installer so that you are assured of local support and service.

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