Modular Energy Monitor,
insight into part consumption

2-Wire modules measure, record and guard all consumptions in a home or building. The measurement data can be accessed via web browser: real-time consumption, historical data, energy costs, energy efficiency… all these are directly displayed on the web pages of the web server. 2-Wire is the first step towards a more energy efficient home or building.

2-wire modules


The new ReMI© webserver connects, among other things. with the digital meter (NL+B), with Modbus energy meters, smart plugs … and thus arrive at a detailed overview of the major consumptions in the home. With its switch contacts, it controls the solar heating, and there are even more possibilities with it

ReMI, the smart energy switch.



The MEMo3 web server is used for wired or wireless reading, monitoring and control of multiple autonomous energy meters in larger homes, commercial and public buildings, or industrial workshops.

MEMo, the Modular Energy Monitor


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