Energy cost

The annual energy bill (water + gas + electricity) for a home easily amounts to approximately 4,000 euros or more. In order to efficiently reduce this cost, we must first find the largest partial consumers so that we can optimize their consumption. A few minor interventions quickly mean annual savings of a few hundreds of euros.

Wrong investments

If you are considering a thorough renovation to a more energy-efficient home, you start by measuring your current energy consumption, ultimately avoiding wrong investments and afterwards you know exactly the effect of each energy-saving measure .


Rental and sales value

The rental cost for an older home quickly amounts to a few hundred euros per month, the energy costs for this type of home quickly move in the same direction. Demonstrating that your rental home uses little will result in a better rental price and less vacancy .

In fact , the same story also applies to the new construction . The current EPB legislation makes the construction cost about 20% more expensive. However, energy efficiency is not always visible to the buyer, demonstrating consumption can help to argue these additional costs and a measured energy cost says more than a theoretically calculated consumption.



Settlement of energy costs

In buildings with several residents/users and with a central system for heating, electricity and/or water supply, it is necessary to be able to settle energy costs on the basis of recorded calibrated meter readings. And sometimes it may be necessary to use budget meters to limit the maximum power or the daily consumption.
The settlement of energy costs is mainly used in service flats, student rooms, SME units, apartment buildings with their own heating network, campsites, rental garages, charging stations, …



Smart control

Switching on the dryer, dishwasher… manually when energy is free and ( LeON ) green, it will save you a few euros every time.

It is better to control the boiler, heat pump, accumulation or the charging station automatically based on injection, energy rate or 15-minute consumption. With the ReMi or the MEMo3 web server, some own logic and an ON/OFF or a smart-energy input ( LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH) on the device to be switched, this is easy.


In Belgium, when an older home is sold, the energy level is estimated on the basis of a questionnaire, for new construction a theoretical calculation of the E level is made. In a number of European countries, measuring a number of partial consumptions is mandatory in new construction .
Even better is the real-time measurement of both energy consumption and the energy cost in euros, because euros are ultimately the best motivator to start saving.



If we want to achieve less energy emissions from homes and buildings, this can be done by using extra insulation, solar panels and heat pumps, but above all by measuring energy consumption and energy costs in detail and independently, and that is exactly what the 2-wire solution does.

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