Energy cost

The annual energy bill (water + gas + electricity) for a dwelling is soon about 3,000 euros or more. In order to reduce this cost effectively, we must first find the most-loads so we can optimize consumption. A few small changes soon mean an annual saving of a few hundred euros.


Effect of energy-saving initiatives

Considering an extensive renovation to a more energy efficient home, then start with measuring your current energy consumption, so eventually you avoid bad investments and you will know precisely the effect of each energy saving measure.


Rental and sales values

The rental cost for an older home is soon 450 euros per month, the energy cost for this type of housing is soon the same direction.
Demonstrate that your rental house consumes less provides a better rental rate and a lower vacancy rate.

The same story is true in fact for the new building. The current energy legislation makes the construction cost about 20% more expensive. However, energy efficiency is not always visible to the buyer, demonstrating “low” consumption can help to argue that extra cost.
Ultimately, no one wants a cheap “American Cadilac” to live in.



In Belgium, at the sale of an older home the energy levels are estimated on the basis of a questionnaire. For new construction an engeneer has to make a theoretical calculation of the E level already before construction.
In several European countries the measurement of a number of part-consumtions is  compulsory in new buildings.
Even better is to measure both energy consumption and energy costs in euros, as euro’s ultimately are the best motivator to save energy.



If we by 2020 will come to 20% less energy emissions from housing than it can achieved by using extra insulation, solar panels and heat pumps but especially by measuring in detail and independent the energy consumption and energy costs of homes and buildings, and that’s exactly what the 2-wire solution¬†does.

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