On the webpage below we post short YouTube Tutorials to briefly explain the configuration and functionalities of the LoWi web server. The full manual can be downloaded here: On the same link also a shortened quickstart manual.
You can either go through the tutorials from start to end or select the desired video. These tutorials are regularly updated:

0.0 Collect network settings

Before starting to link the LoWi server to your local WiFi network, you need the WiFi password but also a number of IP addresses in the range of your own WiFi network, namely:

  • fixed IP address for LoWi
  • IP address subnet mask
  • IP address Gateway
  • Port number

To determine the correct addresses, you can go to the network settings of your PC and accept them, or you can use the IP serverscanner tool

Once installed, your server scanner can start up via the shortcut on your worksheet (green sphere with white question mark). The tool shows the IP address, subnet mask and gateway of your PC at the top left, and a suggestion for the IP addresses of your LoWi web server on the right. You can also check if the proposed LoWi IP address is free, with the “test via PING” button, or via the PING command in windows (see FAQ on our website

This tool can also be used to find the IP address of all already configured web servers in your network (including MiLo, MEMo).
The two buttons ‘Reboot’ and ‘Set IP’ only work for the MEMo web server.

In the video below you can see how to determine the IP addresses with or without the IP server scanner tool, how to link to WiFi, etc …

1.0 Connecting LoWi to your WiFi network.

The procedure is as follows: Connect the LoWi server to the P1 port of the digital meter. Within 3 seconds or as soon as you see the LoWi blue LED light up, press the LoWi switch and keep pressing for about 4-6 seconds until the blue LED lights up continuously.

In the list of WiFi networks on the laptop or tablet you will now find ‘2WIRE-LoWi’ network. Select this network. When asked for a key (password): “adminLOWI”. After 1-2min you will be automatically redirected to a login screen (or surf from the ‘2WIRE-LOWI’ network itself to

In the video below we have gone through all the steps in full again, but you can always easily fast forward of course. In this video we’ve also shown some of the traps.

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