An energy meter measures, among other things, energy consumption in kilo-Watt per hour (kWh). To better ensure that 2-Wire energy meters indicate the correct value, they comply with the MID (B + D) directive.

The 2-Wire Modbus energy meters EMM.220-MID (mono) and EMM.630-MID (3-phase) in MID version can be recognized by the M18 symbol.

Both meters are advanced meters that measure not only consumption but also active and reactive power, voltage, current, power factor, …. The configuration of the meters is done via the touch buttons and the LCD display. Both have both an import and export meter reading.
The reading of the consumption values and measured values can be done via the display or on the linked web server.

The module is packed in a DIN rail housing and has a direct power connection up to a maximum of 100A. In addition to an RS485 connection, the modules also have 2 pulse outputs, 1 of which can be configured.

More details about both meters can be found at