2GoLive: Voucher: start-up of 2-Wire installation by Qonnex technician

72,60 (Incl BTW)

Configuration and start-up of a 2-Wire system by Qonnex technician: No cabling, no network, incl. Relocation Belgium. This voucher, only for accredited installer, remains valid for 12 months and serves as an advance on working hours and movements during the start-up of a 2-wire installation. The value of this voucher, expressed in a number of working hours foreseen at 60 euros, is calculated in advance on the basis of the number and type of meters to be linked and applies as a minimum invoice without discounts afterwards. Additional works will be charged afterwards at the unit rate: per working hour 60 Euro / hour, per relocation unit (minimum 2 units) 60 Euro.

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