CT-TU10-75A/333mV: current transformer up to 75A voor de EMM.630MVCT module

25,41 (Incl BTW)

The CT‐TU10-75/333mV is a current transformeer for EMM.630MVCT module allowing current flows to be measured to a maximum of 75A. Per EMM.630MVCT there should be three  333mV transformer. The wiring diagram for doing this can be found with the module EMM.630MVCT. The coil has a wire connection 60cm which may not be renewed, inside diameter 10mm.
This product includes:
  • 1x coil type CT‐TU10-75A/333mV
  • Packing: 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 6cm, 90gr

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