PPC.04: Interface P1 to pulse and P1 to USB

175,45 (Incl BTW)

The PPC.04 module, or the 'P1 port to Pulse' converter is a stand-alone module that either reads the meter readings from the P1 port and converts them to consumption pulses, or which sends the meter readings serially to a USB port. With this module, a home automation system or a data logger can read in, import, export, gas consumption and switch high-low tariff via pulses. With the USB output you can then create your own application for PC or Raspberry Pi again. The serial protocol is described in the datasheet or you can also use our Windows demo application for configuration and / or readout via PC.
  • The meter supports both the Dutch digital meter (DSMR 2.x, DSMR 4.x, DSMR 5.x) and the Belgian digital meter (DSMR 5.x).
  • By default, the module is set on the Belgian DSMR 5.x meter, but this setting can be changed via the windows configuration software and a USB connection with the PC.
  • The power supply for the PPC.04 module is supplied by the digital meter via the included 'RJ11 6P / 6C cross cable'. Only the Dutch DSMR 2.x measurement must be externally powered via a 5V / 100mA USB power supply
  • In addition to the 4 pulse OUT outputs, the PPC.04 module also has 2 pulse IN inputs for counting consumption pulses which can then be serially read out via USB.
This product includes:
  • 1x 2-Wire P1 to pulse / USB module PPC.04
  • 1x RJ11 6P / 6C 'cross' cable 2 meter
  • 1x USB cable (5V / 100mA)
Download here the Windows application for configuring and reading the PPC.04 module via USB. Note: this software is only needed to adjust the default settings (digital meter protokol, pulse divider),or to update the PPC firmware, or to take a sampleĀ  from the data string from the digital meter and print it, or to visualize values from the digital meter and from the two pulse counter inputs.
  • Packaging: cardboard 10cmx5cmx8cm, 75gr
  • DIN RAil : 2 modules
  • SN 42Cxxxxx
  • EAN 5430000860512

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