IP Server Scanner: Windows tool scans IP address of 2-Wire web servers

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The server scanner can be downloaded and installed on your Windows PC at the bottom for free. You can start up via the shortcut on your worksheet. By clicking on the 'green sphere' button your network will be searched for already linked LoWi, MiLo and MEMo +MEMo3 web servers in your network and these will all be displayed at the bottom of the white field.
If you have clicked a found MEMo web server in the search field, you can restart this MEMo server via the "Reboot" button or change or set the IP address settings via the "Set IP", after which the web server will restart with the new settings. For the MEMo3 you can enter both LAN and WLAN data.
Connecting MiLo to your WiFi network is only possible via the manual re-direct mode as described in the MiLo manual. The server scanner does show your PC network settings and proposes a fixed IP address for the MiLo, while subnet-mask + gateway can be adopted from the PC settings. With the 'Test via Ping' button you can verify whether the IP address in the field above is still available. An already linked MiLo can NOT 'reboot' or change 'IP settings' from here, this must always be done via the re-direct web page.
Connecting LoWi to a WiFi network can:
  • or via the manual re-direct method see LoWi manual
  • either via automatic re-direct method in the server scanner:
    • Connect LoWi to the digital meter.
    • When Lowi has started up, briefly press the LoWi switch so that the LED lights up continuously a few seconds later
    • In the server scanner click on the 'Connect to 2-Wire-LoWi' button and after 20 seconds the redirect page will appear where you can enter the network settings.
Free Download:

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