kit "MiLo Home Energy" connects to the digital meter and measures consumers in the fuse box via current clamps and pulse inputs.

477,95 (Incl BTW)

The wireless "MiLo" web server registers up to 16 energy consumption in a home and shows the history of these consumption and energy costs, via the web browser on a smartphone, tablet or PC. The MiLo web server has one serial input P1 (Dutch and Belgian digital meter (DSMR 2.x, 4.x, 5.x) and 2 pulse inputs, a built-in WiFi transmitter receiver for connection to the home network and an RF868MHz transmitter-receiver to the wireless energy meters that are scattered throughout the home. The ECF.08 wireless energy counter module has 4 current probes 75A / 333mVolt for measuring 4 electrical consumption of the same phase in the fuse box and in addition 4 pulse inputs for counting or time-measuring energy pulses. With this kit you as a resident get detailed insight into total consumption (gas, water, electricity), large consumers (heat pump, air conditioning, ...) and household appliances from the web browser on your tablet, PC or smartphone. This starter kit can be expanded with smart plugs, energy meters, wireless pulse counters, ...
This product includes:
  • 1x 2-Wire MiLo web server type ML.016
  • 1x ECF.08 with 4 current coils 75A / 333mVolt
  • see the individual products
  • Verpakking kartonnen doos: 21cmx12cmx10cm, 550 gram

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