RG.016: RF gateway module

235,95 (Incl BTW)

The RF gateway has:
  • 4 binary / analogue inputs (counting or time-measuring or temperature-measuring)
  • one serial input P1 (DSMR 2.x, 4.x, 5.x) or 2 extra binary inputs via the P1 kit
  • a built-in RF868MHz transmitter receiver (supports both LORA and FSK modulation)
  • a Modbus connection
  • a power supply connection (only required if configured as a slave).
The RF gateway can be linked with:
  • the MiLo web server with one 'slave' gateway
  • the MEMo web server, either wired via Modbus or wireless as one of the many gateway slaves
  • a NON 2-Wire data logger as a stand-alone Modbus slave
  • When connecting to the MiLo, set the internal "jumper" in FSK modulation only.
  • If the RF Gateway is used as a "slave", an external MeanWell 15 VDC power supply (DR-15-15) must be provided
This product includes:
  • 1x 2-Wire RF Gateway RG.016
  • 1x internal antenna direct on the SMA connector
  • The external power supply type DR-15-15, the kit P1 and the external antenna are optional and must be ordered separately.
  • Packing: cardboard 10cmx5cmx8cm, 75gr
  • DIN-Rail: = 2 DIN rail modules
  • SN 08Gxxxxx
  • EAN 5430000860048

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