Imagine having effortless insight into your electricity, gas and water consumption, measured directly from your digital meter and via smart plugs. That is exactly what the LoWi3 has to offer as an autonomous Web server.

What to expect.

  • View your energy consumption in real time with the LoWi3 P1 dongle.
  • Independent web server without the hassle of apps or cloud storage at low resolution.
  • Easy expansion with IoT meters, including smart plugs.

Key Features:

  • No hassle with cables, as the power comes directly from the digital meter.
  • Everything is preconfigured; all you have to do is set your Wi-Fi password and a fixed IP address.
  • Suitable for any device because the LoWi3 web server is platform independent and works in any web browser.
  • Internal data storage means no need for apps, software or cloud storage.
  • Enjoy real-time data updates every 5 seconds (power).
  • Charts with a resolution of 5 minutes for the past 10 days, 1 day for the past 12 months, and 1 month for the past 2 years.
  • LoWi3 records all P1 data, including voltage, current and power per phase and displays current counter readings, quarter peak,…
  • Energy costs are calculated with the adjustable cost per unit of consumption and shown in the graphs.
  • Easily export data to Excel or upload via HTTP to an external platform.

Expand your system with IoT links, such as measuring partial consumption via smart plugs, measuring air quality with THEo USB sticks,or interconnecting two or more 2-WIRE web servers over the Internet.

The LoWi3 web server can be accessed locally through the web browser on all your devices, be it your smartphone, tablet or even Alexa without the need to install anything.

Discover now the future of energy monitoring together with LoWi3 and take control of your home’s consumption and value!

As a professional user, you can order a LoWi3 through regular electrical wholesalers.


Pair LoWi3 with EnergieID for even more functionality and centralized management.

With the LoWi3 energy web server*, you can easily connect to EnergieID’s open energy platform. It’s a piece of cake: just create an account at, copy your login information to the LoWi3 configuration page, and then have your data uploaded automatically.

With the free version of EnergieID, you can already start tracking your energy consumption on a monthly and daily basis. If you want more detailed information, analysis and features, it is possible to join an EnergieID group and upgrade your file to EnergieID Premium.

For Individual Users:
Join an EnergieID group to qualify for the upgrade to EnergieID Premium. If your municipality, employer or organization is not yet active on EnergyID, we are counting on you as an ambassador to promote this tool to them.

For Business Users:
Through EnergyID groups, organizations and local governments can offer the expanded version of EnergyID to their customers, members, building managers or residents. This can possibly be combined with additional services such as energy coaching and technical support.

EnergyID allows local governments and businesses to turn their energy and climate plans into measurable, concrete results.

So, what are you waiting for? Pair your LoWi3 with
and start even more energy tracking today!

*ReMI also interfaces with EnergieID and thus installations without digital meters, via modbus meters and pulse counters can also be read in.


Why a Web server and not an app or cloud application?

We try to answer frequently asked questions about our energy monitors and meters on our FAQ page, including the question why we chose web servers.

The biggest advantage is platform independence. With no need for software, app or licensing, you have easy access to configuration and visualization of connected meters from any device with a web browser within the home network.

But there are other benefits. Read more about this at FAQ E3….