With the LoWi3, MiLo, ReMI and MEMo3 data logger web servers, 2-Wire has several solutions to map energy consumption in homes and buildings in a simple and independent way in great detail.

Plug&Play with LoWi3, wifi display of the digital meter

The LoWi3 dongle records all digital meter readings ( import, export, gas, tariff) via the P1 port.
Just connect it to the WiFi home network and from then on the preconfigured LoWi: shows current consumption, consumption graphs and energy costs via web browser on every smartphone, tablet or PC within the network.
The optional LeON usb stick comes into the living space and it shows through its RGB LED (RED=day rate; BLUE=night rate, GREEN=SOLAR) the right time to turn on the dishwasher or dryer.

With an additional MQTT license, the LoWi3 can be expanded to include:

  • WiFi plug: From any location with WiFi reception the plug shows the current power and consumption of the connected household appliance in the LoWi dashboard.
  • THEo: Connect a WiFi network and the local temperature and humidity come into your LoWi3.
  • LoWi3, ReMI, MEM03: A 2nd monitor in a different location and both can pass their log channels to each other. Handy for monitoring consumption in another building from home and even for‘energy sharing’ in this way. becomes possible.



Mobile with MiLO, Wireless Home Energy Monitor

MiLo monitors consumption from the digital meter via the P1 port and with wireless coverage over the entire house some partial consumption.

MiLo can be wirelessly expanded with:

  • Through the Gateway to Modbus you can wirelessly connect to the P1 port , 4 pulses(counting, time, temperature) and Modbus energy meters.
  • The ECF (Energy Counter) module has 4 pulse inputs and 4 current transformer inputs for measuring 4 direct consumers in a mono phase installation.
  • The battery powered wireless pulse counter then again has 2 inputs ( counting, time, temperature)

MiLo is ideal to start monitoring multiple scattered meters in a residential environment.


Measuring and switching with ReMI:

The all-in-one ReMI module is an energy monitor for monitoring and switching various consumptions in any home.

ReMI is connected to the home network via WiFi and communicates via P1, Modbus, pulse or internet with a number of consumption meters in the home. The relay outputs on the ReMI are connected to the device to be controlled.

From the web browser on any smartphone, tablet or PC you then surf to the website in the ReMI module to configure the system, visualize energy consumption and costs and switch on or off connected consumers, manually or automatically via ‘If then else’ logic.

In addition to interfacing with the P1 port of the digital meter, ReMI can be easily expanded:

  • With additional Modbus meters, if you don’t have a digital meter or if you want to start measuring partial consumption
  • Through both pulse inputs you can connect external meters with an SO connection
  • Through MQTT you can connect WiFi plug , THEo, or a second ReMI to be able to switch an additional device with the readings from the first ReMI

Per ReMI module you can switch up to 4 devices smartly and based on tariff, weekly clocks, consumption, injection,… You follow ‘live’ the increase of own consumption of solar energy from your smartphone or tablet.

Scattered meters with MEMo3

MEMo3 is used in homes or buildings where one wants to measure a larger number of part-consumptions, in higher resolution, over longer periods of time or over longer distances. MEMo3 is designed for public buildings, commercial buildings, offices, residential care centers, industrial…
In fact, wherever energy costs are considered, MEMo3 soon leads to a better understanding of part-consumption and provides the opportunity to start netting those energy costs. MEMo3 leads to the right investments and always resulting in significant savings.


MEMo3 is a combination of wired and wireless meters (LoRa) to reach every large consumer in a building without too much cabling work. Importantly also, a MEMo3 monitor installation is completely separate from, and in addition to, existing techniques. This way, one gets neutral insight and well-functioning systems do not need to be modified, while they are now monitored.
With the MEMo3 web server , you determine the rules for controlling and/or monitoring the large consumptions.



Exact with calibrated (MID) Modbus meters

The 2-Wire energy meters and gateways all have a Modbus connection. The gateways then have pulse and P1 inputs to which temperature sensors, voltage sensors, digital meters, impulse generators for existing gas and water meters, etc. are connected.
All of these meters can all be connected to the MEMo or ReMI server with a minimum of settings, wired or wireless, and both loggers ensure that one can start to see the measured values and the calculated costs through live graphs and histories over time.


The coupling of energy meters with ReMI and MEMo is done via the Modbus protocol. A unique Modbus address is entered into the meter and then into the web server and so both are connected to each other, the rest: readout, logging, visualization, monitoring, smart control just happens automatically.

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