Every LoWi, MiLo or MEMo2 web server with internet connection can update itself and its linked modules, which gives a lot of extra possibilities:

  • PDF of the configuration: Printing a web page via Chrome, Safari, Edge, … was until recently not easy
  • Export data: Retroactively, export data from the web server to Excel
  • Integration with EnergieID: Compare your home with other homes, it was already possible with Memo (ftp) and now very soon also with LoWi and MiLo (http)
  • Overview table: A 2 year overview with consumption and energy costs of all linked meters
  • EPC value: Enter floor area, select the meters for heating and you get the progressive measured EPC value in kWH / m2
  • Layout: In Memo it was already possible to sort the meters in LoWi and Milo
  • Settlement of energy costs: Enter start and end date, filter by name and the meter readings and costs are exported to PDF, Excel, … Only available in MEMo
  • Digital meter: Our web servers meanwhile read all Dutch (> DSMR4.0) and Belgian digital meters


“After rain comes sunshine”



With the LoWi, MiLo and MEMo energy monitors, we now have three ‘retrofit’ solutions to map out ‘sunshine‘ together with the energy consumption in homes or buildings.

We have packed each of these monitors in a starter kit, all with a link to the digital meter. One such starter kit, some corona time for video tutorials, and you quickly become an expert in monitoring and smart control of energy-comfortable installations.


Budget meter in the spotlight

EMM.320C and EMM.530C are both advanced budget meters for measuring and switching mono-phase or 3-phase 380V + N consumers up to 100A.
From the central MEMo2 web server, for example, these switch to the set peak power, hourly consumption, daily consumption, time … applicable, for example when renting garage boxes, camping pitches, events …

With the logic webpage in the central Memo2 module, there are few restrictions to come up with even more applications in the logical control, monitoring, settlement of large part-consumptions.