The new tariff system in Flanders means the definitive end of the reversing meter principle, at least for solar panel installations from 2021 and installations older than 15 years. The electricity that solar panels inject into the grid will from then on be deducted from your energy bill. The fee for each kWh you inject does not include distribution and transport costs and taxes and is 3 eurocent / kWh.

So it comes down to consuming or storing the electricity that you produce yourself as much as possible and preferably immediately, in order to limit the amount consumed and also the injected electricity to the network.
You can immediately decide to invest in a battery or a charging station with accompanying company car, but much smarter is a small investment in a 2-wire energy monitor.

With or without a digital meter, a 2-wire energy monitor quickly maps your consumption in great detail. Essential information, not only to optimize your own consumption by, for example, replacing the large energy consumers or only using them at the time of injection, but also to determine the optimal number of solar panels, whether or not in combination with the right battery, heat pump or charging station .
In short, with the right energy monitor you avoid wrong investments and you know the effect of every energy-saving decision afterwards.

At 2-wire we now have several energy monitors. MiLo is our wireless monitor, intended for the occupant of a new or existing house or apartment where, in addition to total consumption, a number of partial consumption must also be measured.

MiLo reads total consumption from the digital meter, the solar panels are here measured with a 2-Wire 3-phase meter

MiLo, Home energy monitor

MiLo connects directly to the digital meter, is connected to your home network via WiFi and speaks wirelessly, with range over the entire home, to all connected energy meters.

From the web browser on any smartphone, tablet or PC, surf to the website in the MiLo module to configure the system, to visualize energy consumption and costs, and to switch consumers on or off.

In addition to the total consumption, you can measure and monitor just about every individual energy cost with the MiLo accessories below.

The video tutorial below summarizes it briefly in about 7 minutes.

MiLo video tutorial

A few MiLo features:

Connect your digital meter directly and compare the energy costs of a single-tariff or double-tariff meter and determine the most advantageous rate yourself

Only connect once with your WiFi network and everyone within your network can then surf with any device to the current consumption

Export your data to Excel, or print your 2-year consumption-cost overview as a PDF

Connect your MiLo with the EnergieID platform and compare the consumption of your home with other homes in your neighborhood or abroad

Connect with the Eniris platform and manage different installations from google maps

MiLo has a very high plug & play content, you simply follow a training online.

MiLo starters and accessories

The MiLo starter kits and accessories can be found here on this website

Starterkit: MiLo Home

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