MEMo3 is our newest and most comprehensive energy monitor and switch. MEMo3 collects all energy consumption in your home or building, wired, wirelessly or via the internet, and shows consumption graphs and costs in high resolution directly on your tablet or PC.

MEMo3, the successor to MEMo2, comes with a lot of extra features:
The graphic display ensures that the most important functions can be visually checked quickly. The module now communicates over both WLAN and LAN. The addition of ‘MQTT’ enables connection via the internet between different measurement modules in different locations. To check the operation of the MEMo3 (item no. WS.503) and its associated meters on a daily basis, alerts are sent to an Email address so that a potential problem can be quickly identified and resolved.

MEMo3 records up to 64 energy channels, 3 years of data at 1 minute resolution on its internal SD card. With the logic web interface you determine the rules for switching largest consumers at the right rate, avoiding peak consumption or maximizing self-consumption of solar energy.

In addition to MEMo3, there are also the LoWi3, MiLo or ReMI datalogger web servers for less extensive installations.

fig. MEMo3 shows, among other things, quarter power in the graphs up to 12 days ago via a local web page. Via the logic web page you can enter rules yourself, for example to avoid peak consumption or to switch to injection or rate. Total consumption and injection is measured here with a 3-phase kWh meter of 2-wire (EMM.630 MID), but this can also be read from the digital meter.

MEMo3 on Android,
or Windows, or IOS, or Alexa,…

MEMo3 is a data logger web server. With the web browser you surf to your energy website in the MEMo3 module. So you don’t have to install an app or software to get a ‘live’ overview of energy costs and consumption.

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