The new “MiLo” energy monitor for homes has a number of interesting features:

MiLo shows total consumption via connection to the Flemish and Dutch digital meters, works wirelessly with a minimum of cabling, shows consumption costs of individual household appliances via energy plugs, switches remotely or in time, easy configuration without the need of additional software, allows platform-independent operation via smartphone or tablet or PC, has no subscription, measures large consumers via energy meters in the fuse box, measures water and gas and electricity, has a perfect wireless range over the whole house, can be used in new or existing housing, combines with MEMo ….

The leaflet in pdf format can be downloaded here: 6 luik MiLo


Modbus energy meter with voltage transformers, in or next to the existing fuse box

The fuse box above was equipped with a “MEMo” energy monitor, a pulse counter (water consumption) and 3 energy meters (total consumption of imports + injection, heat pump, solar panels). Thanks to the thin conductors of the voltage coils, retrofitting in or next to the fuse box becomes very easy. The energy meters type EMM.630 MVCT (333mVolt) with high accuracy (class 1) can be connected with both the MiLo and the MEMo server.

The MEMo datalogger web server in this installation is connected to the local network so that daily, weekly, monthly, annual energy bills and also different partial consumptions can be viewed “live” in high resolution via the web browser on tablet or PC. The “raw” data is stored locally for up to 3 years, so no subscription.

The leaflet in pdf format can be downloaded here: 6 luik MEMo

2GoPro: Voucher startup the installer’s house

Energy monitoring in homes and buildings will be an important opportunity for the HVAC and electrical installer. To lower the threshold to the first 2-Wire installation, there is now the voucher “2GoPro” for the Belgian installer: start-up and commissioning MEMo server + short training of the installer’s own home by a 2-wire technician. This voucher has a value of 140 euros and can be deducted from the purchase invoice for a second follow-up installation.
A good start with 2-Wire is very important to us, so ask your electrical wholesaler.

A list of installers with their own “DEMO” installation can be found here

2-Wire pricelist may 2018

The current price list with all 2-wire products can be downloaded here: 2-Wire prijslijst MEI 2018 EN

Via the click-through links in this PDF price list you can access the technical details of each module. Purchases can be made via the better electrical wholesaler in the Netherlands and Belgium.

TIP!! Calculate the end user price for the above installation.