Upload data from LoWi, MiLo or MEMo to EnergieID.be

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The 2-Wire webservers LoWi, MiLo and MEMo generate their own consumption graphs but also have the option to periodically upload the registered data in the form of CSV files to a remote FTP server for MEMo, and FTP or http server for LoWi and MiLo . Such a link can be useful for several reasons, eg:
  • Offer additional functionalities: alarms, benchmarking, setting targets, detailed settlement, ...
  • Central (energy) management of buildings at various locations
  • Backup
Linking with EnergieID:
The bottom line is that you first create an account at https://www.energieid.be. Then you create one or more files (= homes) and for each file you can link a LoWi, MiLo or MEMo (= create integration), so that consumption data is automatically uploaded.
LoWi and MiLo
Here it is almost a 'plug & play' story: enter the MAC address of MiLo or LoWi in energieID and then the EnergieID URL and DIR copy / paste in the Lowi / MiLo configuration and the link is ready. IMPORTANT: Upgrade LoWi / MiLo to firmware> 20.5.7 (> May 7, 2020)
For MEMO it is a bit more complicated, here you have to provide an FTP server after which the data is retrieved there by EnergieID.

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