MQTT-12: MQTT licence 1 year for 2-Wire modules only

21,78 (Incl BTW)

A number of 2-Wire modules have MQTT support and these continuously publish their different measurement channels to the set MQTT account. The web servers LoWi3, ReMi and MEMo3 each publish their 16 log channels (or 64 channels with MEMo3), THEo (air quality) and the Plug (energy consumption) publish their one channel.
  • The 3 web servers LoWi3, ReMI, MEMo3 can now subscribe to the published MQTT channels within their account, just enter the desired MAC address and channel number.
  • The MQTT data is also available for external applications such as own apps or cloud applications. The implementation is relatively simple, the manual describes how to do it. By the way, it is not necessary to use 2-Wire's MQTT broker, you can also use your own broker.
The configuration of MQTT channels in the web servers is very simple and the possibilities are enormous. A few examples:
  • One THEo USB stick in your classroom and from home on your LoWi3 monitor the air quality over time.
  • Link LoWi3 sticks in several apartments to one MEMo3 web server to make a sum of the consumptions and thereby control a central consumer, while each resident can follow his consumption and the sum consumption.
  • Control a smartPLUG via logic on peak, injection and/or time from the logic in the ReMI web server and follow the history from your tablet.
  • Transfer the different partial consumptions and measurements on multiple MEMO3's via MQTT to a central MEMo3 for follow-up.
  • ...
Video Tutorial:
    • Example MQTT in LoWi3:
To order:
With every orderĀ  you receive a URL and a token for 2-WIRE devices. These you must enter in the configuration. At the end of each license period, you will receive a request for renewal from us.            
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