“Email notification” is the latest addition to the firmware of the 2-wire energy webserver.
This additional functionality provides the ability to set in very simple border levels on each of the 64 maximum loads and as soon as the set limit value is exceeded, this results in a new e-mail message. So limits can be set to:

  • Current consumption or power: eg. > 2000Watt or> 100liter water
  • Day consumption: eg. > 25kWH hot water or> 15 liters of heating oil in one day.
  • Temperatures: eg. measuring temperature> 15.2 ° C and <20.0 ° C.
  • Contact input arming delay: eg.  NC contact open for more than 128 seconds

Figure below: Example of an e-mail alert message:


There are many to think of applications for this new functionality, we have been testing a few:

  • Notification for water leaks
  • submit green power certificates
  • silent alarm
  • Monitoring and logging of temperatures in cooling rooms
  • Monitoring devices with error contacts
  • Register of arrival and presence
  • Basic calling system
  • Email doorbell for the parcel service
  •   …

Every web server with an Internet connection can easily download the above functionality and add. (See pdf manual)