Start to monitor

Start 2023 with a good intention, track in real-time energy consumption and partial consumption inside or outside the home.

Plug LoWi3 into the P1 port of the digital meter, connect to WiFi and instantly display current electricity and gas consumption on any smartphone or tablet within the home network.

An additional IoT smart plug shows the energy cost of each household appliance locally or remotely,
whereas a LeON or THEo USB flash drive indicates the set peak power like a red traffic light, or turns green when injected so you know exactly when to turn the dryer on.

In turn, automatic switching on peak or injection can be done with ReMI, the smart energy switch.


more info on LoWi


Heat your home with the sun


The all-in-one ReMI energy switch shows injection and peak consumption from the digital meter and/or from the connected Modbus energy meters.

With simple “If then else” logic, you control the switching behavior of each of the 4 “smartgrid ready” contacts or the paired MQTT plugs. This way, one easily puts the 80% surplus solar energy into heating or cooling the home resulting in a large reduction in consumption, or switches a few large consumers to current quarter power with direct impact on the annual grid fee.

The effect of these “smart controls,” by the way, can be monitored in real time and start adjusting themselves if necessary.

This automated “good intention” leads directly to a prosperous year 2023.


more info on ReMI


DC meter


The new DC energy meter DCE.230 is designed for measuring and monitoring DC systems. The bi-directional DIN-rail DC power meter can measure important DC parameters such as voltage, current, power and energy. All data in the meter can be accessed via the LCD screen on the meter, or via Modbus RTU, or via pulse output.

The meter is DC powered, has an input voltage range up to 1000Volt DC, while the current input is adjustable according to the coupled DC shunt. DC shunts of 100A/75mV, 200A/75mV and 400A/75mV are available.

The readout of consumption values and measured values can be done via the display or on the linked web server ReMI or MEMo3.

More details about this meter can be found online :


Price List 2-WIRE 2023

Minor price adjustments will apply to some of our products as of January 2023. The price list end user with “deeplinks” to the product sheets and manuals can be requested here, net installer price should be requested through the electrical wholesaler.


Wishing in advance a prosperous, healthy and happy 2023