LoWi connects directly to the P1 port of the digital meter and reads the meter readings import, export and gas every 5 minutes.

The digital meter readings are then automatically processed into graphs and tables, and so you get via the web browser on every smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC, .. a detailed and current insight into the total consumption and energy costs of the home of the last 2 years.


LoWi loves Alexa


LoWi is a WiFi web server with local data storage. The web pages with the energy consumption of your home are constantly refreshed with current readings from the digital meter.

This local website is supported by the well-known web browsers, for example also by Firefox which runs on Alexa, the digital energy assistant …


LoWi, the ideal energy meter …

  • No installation and no configuration, plugging directly into the digital meter and connecting to the WiFi network
  • Internal web server so no software or cloud license, simply works via the favorite web browser
  • Compatible with Dutch and Belgian digital meters (from DSMR 4.x !!).
  • Local data storage: Last 10 days with 5 ‘resolution, 12 month with 1 day resolution
  • Table overview with the monthly consumption and energy costs of the last 2 years
  • Extra: Enter meter readings manually (water, solar panels, etc.)
  • Extra: Shows calculated meters such as reversing meter and one-rate meter
  • Extra: Display of the current energy rate
  • Extra: FTP client and http client functionality for central management and / or backup



To make LoWi known to the Flemish and Brussels electricians, the wholesale trade Trilec and in consultation with ABB-GE Vynckier are currently running the promotion “3 pieces 25D60 + 1 free LoWi“.

This promotion runs until 31/01/2020 and is only intended for the fastest of you.