recently at 2-Wire is the RF gateway module which connects to different meters:

  • connect the P1 connector to the Dutch and Flemish digital meters
  • the 4 analog / binary inputs count consuming pulses or measure temperatures
  • the Modbus connection connects kWh meters and calorimeters

All gateway measured values are then read out wirelessly (LoRa 868MHz) or wired (Modbus RTU) by the central Memo web server.

The system configuration and also the reading of consumption charts can be done easily by the installer or the resident, and that via web browser from any tablet or PC in the home network.

Multiple “slave” gateways setups can be linked to one central MEMo web server * as below.

FIG. “Gateway as slave” setup connects wirelessly to the MEMo web server


Applied in a home.

FIG. energy monitor, small component in every energy-efficient home.
 In this fuse box, the combination MEMo + RF gateway + energy meter (s) and / or digital meter, provides insight into all total and large part consumptions.
Gas, water and rainwater are read here via the pulses inputs on the gateway.
A few extra “mobile” smart plugs show and control the consumption costs of the suspicious household appliances.


Applied in a building

In the following residential care center, the combination Memo + RF gateway + 3F energy meters + Kamstrup calorimeters + pulse counters not only provides insight into the proper functioning of the HVAC system, but also gives an overview of the common costs: gas and water consumption, ventilation groups and heat pumps (covered) .

Here, too, energy monitoring is parallel, and apart from the HVAC techniques.
In existing installations it is easy to measure partial consumption with the help of meters with current clamps, wireless pulse counter on batteries, …

FIG. insight into part-consumption, it does something with a building.

The RF Gateway as an interface to external applications

(plc, datalogger, home automation, cloud, …) **

Also NON-2-WIRE systems with RS485 Modbus RTU (9600.8N1) connection can be connected to the RF gateway and thus the digital meter and the pulse inputs can be read. Via our developmet packect page you can request the Modbus register list.

With 2 or more gateways in one installation, even wireless LoRa-Modbus bridges can be set up to read scattered Modbus meters centrally, the range is easily a few hundred meters.

The 2-Wire MiLo server can also be connected (wireless only) with the RF gateway.


* RG.016 with firmware Type1 only works with MEMo, firmware Type2 only works with MEMo2, firmware update of the gateway is always possible.
** only valid for RG.016 with Firmware Type2