P1 hub: P1 port splitter from 1 to 3 active P1 port connections, each with 250mA power supply

163,35 (Incl BTW)

The P1 HUB module, or the 'P1 port splitter' is a stand-alone module that reads the digital meter every 2 seconds and then passes the data without any modification to the 3 active P1 port outputs. On these 3 ports, linked P1 applications can request P1 measured values ​​independently of each other and each at its own pace. These 3 P1 port outputs each also provide 250mA power supply for the linked application. With older meters with a P1 port at 9600 baud, the readout speed is automatically increased to 115200 baud and 250 mA power is added without changing the data or the protocol. The P1 hub module is equipped with a USB 5V / 1A power supply.
  • Activate the Belgian digital meters in advance to be able to work: via this link If there is a triangle above “GP” on the digital meter screen (GP is in laser marking below the screen) then ports P1 and S1 are active.
This product includes:
  • 1x P1 hub or active P1 port splitter from 1 to 3 active connections each with 250 mA power supply
  • 1x RJ11 6P / 6C 'cross' cable of 2 meters
  • 1x USB 2 meter cable + USB power supply
Instruction manual:
  • Packaging: box 15x10x5cm, 250gr
  • EAN 5430000860635

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