Inspection and/or upgrade of one 2-Wire module by Qonnex technician

30,25 (Incl BTW)

Each 2-Wire module is individually tested for proper operation before delivery. If you think there is something wrong with a particular 2-Wire module, you can order an aftermarket module here. The return address details can be found on the RMA document to be filled out and will be sent to you by email upon receipt of your order. Processing is not possible without a completed RMA and a clear description of the problem. We do not have a counter, you should send the module at your own cost and responsibility via postal package, so always make sure to pack it properly. Once the module is with us it is checked by a technician, normally this is done within 10 working days of receiving the module. In the event of additional costs for work hours or materials outside of warranty, permission will first be sought as to whether they may be performed. If the product is within warranty, the cost of diagnosis will be refunded and there will be no further additional charges. We do not guarantee retention of the internal data, if the data is important you need to provide your own link to a cloud application. You can read our warranty terms at each technical sheet or in our sales conditions. Our warranty covers only our actions and the material required to replace defective parts.    

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