WP.16A/E: WiFi MQTT smart plug registers consumption and switches to injection, peak... from the linked web server

82,28 (Incl BTW)

The WP.16A is a 'smart energy plug'. The plug measures the energy consumption of the connected consumer and can also switch it on/off. Switching can be done from the linked ReMI or MEMo3 web server or with the on/off button on the module itself. The communication for energy measurement and switching is done wirelessly via WiFi 2.4 gHz and then over the internet to the set MQTT account. You can then link this same MQTT account to one or more 2-Wire web servers (LoWi3, ReMI and/or MEMo3), or to your own app or cloud application and in this way read and/or switch the plug from anywhere in the world. . Please note, with the LoWi3 you can only read consumption, not switch.
  • To make this plug work you need an MQTT license to link to your LoWi3, ReMI and/or MEMo3 web server. Although you can set up your own MQTT server, we recommend that the average user choose the one from 2-WIRE. You can order this license here .
This product includes:
  • 1x WP.16A type E (Belgian plug with PEN grounding) max 3500 Watt
Instruction manual:
  • Packaging: box 10x5x5cm, 100gr
  • EAN 5430000860598

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