De Hoef 2 “is a new housing estate on the edge of the woods of Heesch in Dutch Brabant. In phase 3 Muller Bouw has realized 21 row and corner houses. All homes are energy-efficient and one home is “Zero-on-the-meter” (ZOM).
During the design phase, the energy-advisor made a calculation of all energy consumption in this ZOM house. To support the calculated values, a 2-Wire energy monitor was provided by Verstegen Elektro. After 1 year of measuring and logging in this inhabited ZOM home, these are the results::

ZOM home?

A zero-on-the-meter home is a home in which over a period of 1 year, the energy used is just as much as the energy that is generated (by sun, wind or heat pumps).

If we add up revenue and consumption to each other (SUM) then we see that this house of Muller construction after 1 year in use, indeed in practice is a (zero-on-the-meter) home.
There is even 1985 KWh too much energy produced, sufficient reserve so for example an extra charging station.

Energy Efficiency Value: Energy consumption for heating the building

The relatively small difference (approx. 8%) between calculated and measured Energy Efficiency Value means that with a 2-Wire energy monitor, even regardless of the type of heating, we can accurately measure the energy efficiency of each existing building.
This measured Energy Efficienty Value can be an important factor in the valuation of a building, but this measurement value can also serve to make the right decisions towards renovation investments, or this actual value can serve to evaluate the effect on energy-efficient investments afterwards …


We strongly advise the residents of the 20 other homes in this residential area to install the wireless MiLo Home energy monitor so that their homes can also gain insight into energy consumption or evolve towards a “zero-on-the-meter” housing.