The latest firmware for the 2-wire energy data logger Web server is online. In this version are a lot of new functionality for measuring better part of all energy consumption in each building,
a brief overview:

Measuring EPC value of the property:


The 2-wire server reads every minute all consumption values in a home or building, and to those values is calculated, inter alia, the energy efficiency of the building. (EPC-value).

The latest firmware can therefore give a picture of how green your home now is helping you to choose the right investment in energy renovation or helps you to determine the sale or rental value of a building.


Synchronization with NTP server:


Any web server with Internet synchronizes itself once a day with an Internet NTP server, this way each meter is equipped with the exact time stamp.




The 2-Wire Web server writes the continuous readings of all connected energy meters and hold values for 3 years.

With the SUBTOTALS button you can go for a set period of time, the beginning and ending meter readings, consumption and energy retrieval easy. You can then filter these values and print or export to Excel, PDF, CSV, …


HTTP instructionset

All data in the Web server (meter readings, measurements, statuses, …) is quickly accessible through a simple instruction set, the data itself is wrapped by the web server in JSON format so that it is easily usable for any application developer.


Domo Technology KNX integrator in Herentals, using the Webserver as an extension of his home automation installations. Both consumption as historical data can be read and processed in the Command Fusion visualization software.

FTP Client: Sake of completeness, mention that the web server can also be configured as ftp-client so data is charged periodically to a remote server.



The firmware updates are free, in this 9 minute YouTube video
briefly explains how to perform the upgrade.
YouTube film