A new firmware version is available for both the LoWi3 and the ReMI web server, for now as BETA afterwards publicly. On the website at FAQ you can read how to upgrade to the BETA version, or how to return to the public version:


  • Real-time quarter power and month peak display from the P1 port
  • Accelerated auto decoding P1 telegram, update every 5 seconds
  • AES128 encryption MQTT topics


  • Switching on real-time quarter power from the P1 port
  • Auto decoding P1 telegram: addition of power and current per phase, among others
  • AES128 encryption MQTT topics
  • Optimizing power consumption ReMI processor
  • Continuous status monitoring controlled outputs
  • Visualization quarter consumption on partial measurements

The online tutorials, manuals and FAQs for LoWi3 and ReMI also received an update:


Energy sharing with ReMI

fig. Energy sharing

When you produce more electricity with your solar panels than you use yourself, the excess power will be fed into the grid. This surplus energy can be shared with yourself, such as for your own building at another location, or with others.

Energy sharing is based on time quarters. This means that green power generated in a given quarter-hour and injected into Fluvius’ public distribution grid will be available for use within that same quarter-hour.

To start optimizing this “sharing,” maw consumption at time of production, the injection from the digital meter is measured using a LoWi3 (or ReMI) module. This module is connected via the Internet to a ReMI (or WiFi-IoT plug) a few houses or villages away, to smartly switch some large consumers there at the right time.

Without a digital meter, total and/or partial consumptions are measured by the linked 2-WIRE Modbus meters.

Fig. link over internet


Product in the spotlight


Fig. smart WiFi-MQTT energy plug

The WP.16A energy plug allows you to measure the energy consumption of your connected device and then smartly turn it on/off via the linked ReMI based on injection, rate, quarter power,…from the digital meter.

A unique feature of this smart plug is the RGB LED indication based on power. This allows you to see at a glance how much power your device uses. The WP.16A energy plug is available with both Belgian PEN grounding and Dutch edge grounding.