LeON is an extension to LoWi, Wifi display of the digital meter.
LoWi transmits the current energy tariff to LeON via WiFi.
LeON, which is visible in the living space, shows this rate status with its RGB LED, where:

  • RED: daily rate
  • Flashing RED: peak consumption with adjustable threshold power
  • BLUE: nightly rate
  • GREEN: Injection with adjustable threshold power

Up to 4 LeONs can be linked on one LoWi.

Practical example:
In the configuration below, we register, among other things, the consumption of a dryer, a washing machine and a dishwasher over a period of one month. The average daily consumption of these three devices together is 7kWh, or 35% of the total daily consumption. (see Fig below)

  • With a LeON module, you know exactly when energy will become both free and green. 7kWh of energy storage with direct consumption, a smart battery in USB stick format?


  • With a LeON module, people finally know when the nightly rate starts.


  • Peak consumption is quickly recognized with a LeON module.


Integration with EnergieID

The 2-Wire energy monitors LoWi, MiLo and MEMo each generate their own consumption graphs, but also have the option of periodically uploading the registered data to a cloud platform. Such a link can be useful for several reasons:

  • Additional functionalities: benchmarking, setting targets, central alarms, detailed settlement, reporting …
  • Central (energy) management of buildings at various locations
  • Backup

With the link between EnergieID and a LoWi or MiLo webserver you can easily compare your own house or building with other similar buildings within your group.