REL.44: Modbus slave relais

266,20 (Incl BTW)

The REL.44 module has 2 bistable, potential-free 16A relay contacts and 2 low-power solid-state outputs for switching connected consumers. In addition, there is also a P1 connection for reading the digital meter* and 2 pulse inputs for counting and/or time measurement of consumers via pulses. This module can be connected to a MEMo3 wired via Modbus  and configured and controlled from there. Multiple REL.44 can be connected to the MEMo3 web server. The REL.44 is a 'Modbus slave' i/o module and can therefore also be used to interface with any Modbus master, as a Modbus relay, but also as a P1 to Modbus and or pulse to Modbus interface. The list of Modbus registers can be found below.
  1. Activate the Belgian digital meters in advance to be able to work: via this link If the digital meter display shows a triangle above “GP”  (GP is laser marked below the display), then ports P1 and S1 are active.
  2. Some (slightly older) digital meters supply insufficient or no current to supply ReMI (about 200mA), in which case you have to provide a 15 VDC power supply yourself.
  3. If no digital meter is available, you can connect Modbus meters yourself to register the (total) consumption, and then an external power supply is also required.
Dit product omvat:
  • Packing: box 15x15x10cm, 150gr
  • SN: 44Rxxxxx
  • EAN 5430000860659

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