MEMo2, the newest 2-WIRE data logger web server, is equipped with an RF transmitter receiver, all 2-WIRE energy meters are now either wired (Modbus) or wireless (LoRa) read and monitored.

The firmware of the web server is then expanded with a logic user interface; consumers can switch smartly based on easy to set conditions.

The combination of these two additions provides many options:
For example, irregularities due to leaks or other deviations are automatically detected, or, if applicable, the solar energy produced can be used more intelligently by, for example, targeting larger consumers in a targeted manner, or a calculated graph can be made that allows’ ‘see the effect of a reversing counter next to a digital meter, or you can set a budget meter based on power and / or consumption, etc. …

All ‘wins’ for the owner or the user, but just as much for the installer. He will not only win the trust of his customer, but will generally also be assured of the necessary follow-up orders. In many cases, energy monitoring simply leads to targeted energy-efficient measures.

Starter kit Mono and Starterkit 3-Phase

Our most innovative modules, the MEMo2 web server, the RF gateway with 4 pulse inputs and a link to the digital meter, and one mono-phase or 3-phase Modbus meter, have been packaged into two starter kits at an affordable price. Purchases can be made via the electrical wholesaler.

The cabling is self-explanatory, you can follow the configuration step by step in a few short YouTube “tutorials” or as an installer you can opt for a first home support via the 2GoPro voucher. In short, we push you in with it, just taste it because it tastes like more.

Extensions and price list

Both starter kits are expandable with extra meters, probes, smart plugs, … You can find the complete list in our price list, the deep links lead to the technical data and manuals.


Can be used in service flats, homes, buildings, workshops …

The combination of wired and wireless ensures that 2-Wire monitors can be used in both new and existing installations, independently of the other technologies.
The reason for starting monitoring is always different: insight into the right investment, settlement of energy costs, smart control of consumers, monitoring the proper functioning of appliances, … but the result is the same everywhere: the building becomes and remains optimal.

Fig .: 2 starter kits in 15 service flats: energy bill and proper operation