The ReMI web server reads consumption from the digital meter, from the linked modbus meters and from its 2 pulse counters. All measured consumption, histories and costs are stored locally and then displayed via web browser from any smartphone, tablet or PC within the home network.

In addition to inputs, ReMI also has 4 relay outputs, namely 2 bi stable relay contacts 16A/230V, and 2 solid state low power contacts. These 4 outputs can be used to connect to the smart energy input of the heat pump or the heat pump boiler. Or they can serve as an enabling contact for the electric boiler or accumulator heater.

With the adjustable “line logic” these 4 contacts can be controlled on energy rate, solar panel yield, peak consumption,… and/or on week clocks.

Indeed, ReMI not only replaces the former time switch to night rate, but also controls heating, household appliances, etc. to maximum self-consumption of solar energy, and takes grid load (peak consumption) into account.

You can then follow up the “logic effect” because ReMI provides real-time and historical insight into the major consumers. ReMI becomes your Personal Monitor.

fig. ReMI has 4 output contacts. In the example above, the boiler (relay17) switches to solar energy or to night tariff. The smartplug(4) switches off when peak consumption is too high
fig. The purpose of ReMI is, among other things, to increase the self-consumption of solar energy. In the example above, coming from 22% self-consumption and now with ReMI to 53% in the summer month of August. The result is different for each installation but always clearly visible.

Premium SEW via Fluvius

The Electric Heat Control premium is intended for the automatic control of electric storage heating, boiler, heat pump boiler or heat pump.

For Fluvius, this premium avoids the need for major investments in peak capacity for electricity production and in grid reinforcement to absorb peak consumption..

For the residential installation, the control ensures that the energy consumption is shifted to periods of renewable energy production (e.g. solar panels) in order to increase self-consumption, or to periods with a low market price.

The all-in-one ReMi web server and the modular MEMo3 web server are both eligible for the Fluvius SEW premium.

More information and the correct conditions for this premium can be found here

ReMI on Android,
or Windows, or IOS, or Alexa, or…

ReMI is a data logger web server. With the web browser you surf to your local energy website in the ReMI module. So you don’t have to install an app or software, just make the connection with the home network once and every resident gets ‘live’ insight into the home consumption.

Extend ReMI

ReMI is an all-in-one monitor and switch but with a few possible extensions:

P1 Hub: up to 3 ReMIs on one digital meter
With the optional MQTT license you can connect ReMI via the internet with:

  • THEo usb stick, current energy rate and air quality
  • WiFi plug, measure and switch (available Q4-2021)
  • or with 2-WIRE data loggers at other locations (LoWi3,ReMI,MEMo3)
fig. An overview of possible links

ReMI tutotials

Digital meter, energy monitor, increasing self-consumption, avoiding peak consumption,… All this sounds very far away for the average installer.

However, the threshold is small. Order one all-in-one ReMi from the wholesaler, go through the ReMI tutorials, connect it to your digital meter, connect the relays to the devices to be controlled and you’re off.

REL.44, a modbus slave variant of ReMI

The REL.44, a firmware variant of the ReMI, is a ‘Modbus slave’ i/o module. This module is connected to any Modbus master, as a Modbus relay, but also as a P1 to Modbus and/or as a pulse to Modbus interface. The list of Modbus registers can be found on the 2-WIRE website.

Likewise, several REL.44 modules, wired via Modbus, can be connected to a MEMo3, and configured and logically controlled from there on injection, peak, rate,…